Connecting Clinicians

If you wish to delete a connection, please contact Customer Support at support.us@blueprintgenetics.com.

Last modified: 12 February 2019

While the Connecting Clinicians feature cannot be fully disabled, contact information is only shared when you accept a suggested connection. You may disable notification emails, which include Connecting Clinician emails. You can change the email preferences under Profile settings.

Last modified: 12 February 2019

This service is available to anyone with a Nucleus account and for any VUS or LP variant, even if it was not identified at Blueprint Genetics.

The submission of the VUS or LP variant to the Connecting Clinicians service is done automatically if the variant was identified by Blueprint Genetics. Alternatively, users can manually upload VUS or LP variant information into the Find connections tab under Connecting Clinicians if the variant was identified at a different laboratory.

A connection between users is generated if there is:

  • a perfect match found in the database (the exact same genetic variant was reported in another patient or submitted manually by another user)
  • an approximate match found in the database (the genetic variant suggested is not further than 2 nucleotides away).

When a variant match is made, Connecting Clinicians creates a pending connection. You will receive a notification when a new connection is available. If both of the users agree to be connected for that particular variant, the connection will be confirmed, and the users will be able to see each other’s contact information. No patient information is shared by Blueprint Genetics. If you do not want to discuss clinical details with the connected user for a particular case/variant, you can choose not to accept the connection and it will be removed from the pending connections list.


Last modified: 13 April 2017

Only the variant information and your contact information can be seen by the other user; no patient details are shared. Connections are created only between users that have agreed to be part of the Connecting Clinicians program.

As a default, your name, title, hospital/institution, email address, and phone number (if provided) can be seen once both have decided to accept the connection. You will be given the same contact information about the connected user. You may, or may not, choose to communicate with users connected with you. Nucleus only provides the contact information of the other user and does not host the conversations.

Last modified: 13 April 2017

Connecting Clinicians is a feature that is built into our Nucleus online portal. The feature provides healthcare professionals the opportunity to share between them clinical information about their patients who have the same Variant of Uncertain Significance (VUS) or Likely Pathogenic (LP) variant in a given gene.

Watch a video introduction to Connecting Clinicians or read more about the service:
From phenotype to diagnosis: Blueprint Genetics launches an open digital platform to connect clinicians based on matching rare variants.


Last modified: 13 April 2017