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We are a team of geneticists, bioinformaticians, clinicians, DNA biologists, lab technicians and business developers providing comprehensive and high-quality genetic diagnostics with Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS).

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Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technician or Technologist

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Board Certified Genetic Counselor

We are hiring a Board Certified Genetic Counselor in San Francisco. Read more and apply here!

ABMG Certified Geneticist

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Software Engineer

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Product/Support Specialist

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Careers at Blueprint Genetics

Sari Tuupanen

Sari Tuupanen


I joined the Blueprint Genetics in June 2015. I'm responsible for the genetic analysis of the NGS data and writing statements together with the clinicians. I received my PhD in cancer genetics from the University of Helsinki in 2009 and continued as a postdoctoral researcher in the same field. In 2011, I worked as a visiting postdoctoral researcher at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. During the postdoctoral work I utilized next-generation sequencing technologies to elucidate novel mechanisms in colorectal cancer predisposition and tumor development. I've enjoyed working in a fast growing company, with enthusiastic, energetic and creative people. Working together with the clinicians to provide high-quality genetic diagnostics for the patients is extremely interesting and rewarding. BpG is at the forefront of genetic diagnostics and I'm proud of being part of that.
Janica Djupsjöbacka

Janica Djupsjöbacka

Lab Manager

I started at Blueprint Genetics in summer 2013 as Lab Manager. Company had just launched the first products. Work in the beginning included a lot of finishing and developing standard protocols and performing the laboratory analyses for the clinical samples. Lab Manager work is a lot about being in close contact with the lab team dealing daily tasks, taking care that everything runs as smoothly as possible and helping whenever needed. Work also includes training and planning and teamwork with the R&D when new procedures or equipment are transferred to the clinical laboratory. The accreditation standards have given us the guidelines how to establish our own procedures. Achieved CLIA and FINAS accreditations have been a reward for the work we have done and a proof that we have built a system that works.
Justyna Ulanska-Poutanen

Justyna Ulanska-Poutanen

Account Manager

I joined Blueprint Genetics in July 2015 as an Account Manager. My scientific background is in molecular biology with a special interest in neurobiology. I received my PhD in this field in April 2015 in Experimental Biology Institute of Polish Academy of Science and Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine at Medical University of Warsaw. Now I’m using my knowledge during personal meetings with our customers at the conferences or in the hospitals where we can discuss how our service can help them in diagnosis of their patients. I’m happy to work in our team and to spread the word about #GeneticKnowledge.