Coming soon: Re-evaluation of Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) Variants

Blueprint Genetics is dedicated to improving and advancing the field of genetic diagnostics and to providing clients with access to the most current and relevant information. From September 2018 onwards, Blueprint Genetics will provide a WES re-evaluation service that:

  • revisits reported VUS and LP variants from a previous WES order
  • can be requested between 12-24 months after the original results are reported
  • is offered at no cost
  • might change the previous variant classification based on advances in scientific knowledge made between the time of reporting and the time of re-evaluation

The goal of Blueprint Genetics’ WES variant re-evaluation service is to review all available scientific information in an attempt to re-classify variants originally classified as VUSs or as likely pathogenic. Re-evaluation is done only for those variants that have been described in the clinical report.

What does the WES Variant Re-evaluation involve?

Upon request, we review the relevant literature, available mutation/variant databases, and the latest research for new classifications or information regarding the previously reported VUS and Likely Pathogenic variant in question and evaluate whether the new evidence will impact the original variant classification.

Can I request variant re-evaluation for VUSs or likely pathogenic variants identified from panels?

At this time, we are not providing re-evaluation of VUSs identified from panel testing upon request. The classification of VUSs (Variants of Uncertain Significance) rarely change to Likely Pathogenic or Pathogenic when re-evaluation is requested by a clinician. In our experience, continuous re-evaluation of VUSs identified from panel testing has not had a significant clinical contribution.

However, in the event that we do re-classify a VUS for one of your patients while evaluating the same variant in another patient, our laboratory will provide you with an updated result. Our interpretation team analyzes millions of variants from thousands of individuals with rare diseases. Our database, and our understanding of variants and related phenotypes, continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Our laboratory is well positioned to re-classify previously reported variants as new information becomes available.

For those VUSs that have the greatest likelihood to be re-classified, we provide our no cost VUS Clarification Service.  Please click here for more information.

What variants are eligible for re-evaluation under the WES Variant Re-evaluation service?

Variants with a classification of VUS (VUS favoring pathogenic) or likely pathogenic are eligible for the WES Variant Re-evaluation service. Re-evaluation is done only for those variants that have been described in the clinical report.

How to order:

You can request WES Variant re-evaluation service beginning in September 2018. Please contact Client Service for further information. If you contact our customer support via email, please do not include any identifying patient information, medical records or medical information with your initial inquiry.

Beginning in summer 2019, a more extensive WES Re-analysis will be available. This more extensive re-analysis analyzes the previous order with bioinformatics analysis and a full interpretation. The goal is to potentially find new clinically relevant variants, for example in light of new phenotypic information from the patient. More information on the ordering process and price will be available later.

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