How to design the perfect panel

March 06, 2018

How can a lab capture the current clinical and genetic expertise into an accurate diagnostics tool? As science moves forward, panels must be constantly improved and reviewed to ensure that the latest genetic knowledge is integrated. In this podcast, we discuss what to take into account when designing new panels to match clinical needs. "Many of the genes we have been currently adding are only very recently identified as clinically relevant. You really need to go to publications and investigate," says Eveliina Salminen.
Clinical interpretation in genetic testing of inherited disorders

August 10, 2017

Accurate diagnosis of a patient with suspected inherited disorder requires detailed clinical information of the patient combined with family history and genetic testing results. Correct diagnosis confirmed with genetic testing forms the basis for selecting impactful and efficient treatments and surveillance for patients with inherited disorders and enables genetic counselling of the patient and the family.
Transparency in genetic diagnostics

June 15, 2017

There is a significant completion to drive down the price and TAT of genetic diagnostics. To survive in this competition, laboratories have to either rigorously innovate or then make compromises in quality and performace standards. In an untransparent diagnostic environment, health care professionals have a hard time to evaluate optimal and best testing for their patients.
Artificial intelligence in Genetic Testing of Inherited Disorders

March 23, 2017

Blueprint Genetics is applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in clinical interpretation to automate manually laborious interpretation processes and empower geneticists and clinicians to interpret patients’ test data accurately and consistently. In this podcast, Massimiliano Gentile, Informatics Director, and Samuel Myllykangas, CTO, are discussing why AI is instrumental in advancing the interpretation of genetic testing data, how AI is applied for genetic testing of inherited disorders and what AI solutions Blueprint Genetics is offering for patients.
An introduction to Blueprint Genetics

March 22, 2017

Blueprint Genetics was founded five years ago as a Stanford University spin-off company. The aim from the beginning has been to bring genetic diagnostics into the daily routines of healthcare organizations. In this podcast Blueprint Genetics' co-founder Tero-Pekka Alastalo, MD, Ph.D together with Lauren Moissiy, MS, LGC, will discuss the origin of the company and what makes Blueprint Genetic a successful genetic testing provider.

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