Connecting Clinicians


Connecting Clinicians connect with clinicians or researchers based on similar variants to facilitate knowledge sharing and further collaboration.

Blueprint Genetics’ online platform Nucleus provides an innovative Connecting Clinicians service that connects healthcare professionals whose patients share rare variants. This service is available for all Nucleus users even if the original test was ordered elsewhere. By accepting suggested connection, you can exchange contact details and share information on phenotypes to better serve your patients

Connecting Clinicians

  • is a digital platform targeted to the entire health care professional community.
  • suggests connections between clinicians based on the primary or secondary findings that have been reported for their patients by matching individual variants.
  • both clinicians must consent to being connected before their contact information is shared.
  • is open to all registered Nucleus users.
  • by sharing a variant of their patient, the user can connect to a peer who has a similar patient.


To start Easily find and network with clinicians treating patients with similar variants, go to

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