Clinical Genetics Support

Blueprint Genetics offers Clinical Genetics Support for situations requiring specialized expertise in genetic diagnostics.

These situations include:

  • Questions on challenging biological samples and shipment strategies
  • Discussions on selecting an optimal diagnostic tool for your patient
  • Questions concerning the clinical statement and discussions on variant classification
  • Assistance in genetic counseling of your patient and the family
  • Other requests that require tailoring of our service to your clinical needs

Our mission is to improve our services, and our Clinical Genetics Support team is happy to discuss strategies that can lead to better service and improved quality of diagnostics.

Specialized expertise in genetic diagnostics

When contacting us, you will have a chance to discuss your issue with our Clinical Team consisting of physicians, geneticists, or genetic counselors. You may send your requests via email to We will respond to you within 24 hours or contact you by phone if requested. You may also call our Customer Support in North America at 1.650.452.9340 or in Europe at +358 40 2511 372 which will direct your call to our Clinical Team.

Our Customer Support can also assist you with all other practical issues such as billing, sample collection kits, ordering options, or to evaluate the status of your patient’s analysis.

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Last modified: September 29, 2020