Easy ordering platform for clinicians

Nucleus offers the possibility to place orders for genetic testing, follow a test’s progress, and read results. The portal is free for all users.

Key features of Nucleus

  1. Order and follow-up

    Place the order easily by completing the requisition form and uploading clinical documents. By logging in at any point of the analysis, you can follow the progress of your order. The progress bar clearly shows the current stage of the order(s), which makes lists of orders clear and easy to follow. The notification bar will notify you whenever results are ready, updated, or you have a new suggested connection.

  2. Read & share results

    We will send you a notification when the results are available. Results can be viewed easily online, printed, or shared in a safe and secure way with a colleague treating the same patient. The archive function allows you to archive patient cases, which makes your personal view of ordered tests more concise. You can easily access the archived cases with a click, and unarchive them if needed.

  3. Support

    We will guide you through the whole diagnostic process. You may contact our Support team or log in to browse our offerings and find answers to frequently asked questions.


How to set up your account

An authorized healthcare provider* can create a Nucleus account for themselves by registering at Once you have confirmed your email address, you can start placing orders. Please use your hospital or institution email address for registering, as this will enable you to share results with your colleagues.

Before processing your first order, we will need to perform a standard account screening to ensure that you are a qualified healthcare professional authorized to order genetic testing. We may contact you for additional information if needed.

If you are ordering on behalf of a qualified physician, or if you work in a position that requires access to all orders made by your department or hospital, please contact Customer Support for assistance with setting up your account.

*An authorized provider is a licensed healthcare professional allowed by state law to order laboratory tests in that state. If you have any questions regarding authorization for ordering testing, please contact our Customer Support.

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We developed Nucleus to gain, share, and build life changing genetic knowledge.

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Last modified: April 01, 2024