Customization of Diagnostic Panels

FLEX panels

Healthcare professionals can customize most of our panels by adding clinically relevant genes or by removing genes from the selected panel. Customized panels are called FLEX Panels. 

The panels can be customized by: 

  • Adding up to 200 genes from a list of >4000 clinically relevant genes from any medical specialty related to the patient’s phenotype 
  • Removing as many genes as desired (until a minimum of 2 remain) 

The customization of panels is intended to aid in establishing the molecular cause of the patient’s clinical presentation/phenotype. For example, your patient has a diagnosis of spastic ataxia. You can add genes from the hereditary spastic paraplegia panel to the ataxia panel to cover all the relevant genes.  

Adding genes unrelated to the patient’s phenotype for the purposes of carrier testing due to family history, predictive testing, or general population screening is not the intended use of panel customization. For example, an ataxia panel is being ordered due to a diagnosis of ataxia in the patient being tested. This patient also has a distant family history of breast cancer but does not have a personal history of cancer. Adding BRCA1 and BRCA2 to the ataxia panel is not the intended use of the customization feature.  

Customized panels can only be ordered through our online portal, Nucleus. Customized panels can be saved and named by each user. All saved panels will be stored in the “My Saved FLEX panels” list for later use. The saved panel will only be visible to the user who created it. 

Flex panels will be priced based on the number of genes included. The number of genes determines the size of the panel: 

  • Small = 2-25 genes​ 
  • Medium = 26-125 genes​ 
  • Large = >125 genes 

If you have questions about the use of customization, please Contact us. 


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Flex panels will be priced based on the number of genes included. The number of genes determines the size of the panel:

  • Small = 2-25 genes
  • Medium = 26-125 genes
  • Large = >125 genes

For our pricing, please visit our pricing page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Turnaround Time

The great majority of tests are completed within 28 days.


  • Panel-specific genes with reduced performance are noted with a # and/or an * on the panel content pages 
  • Please note that customized panels may lead to reduced diagnostic utility and the intended use may change in a case where a gene(s) relevant to the patient’s phenotype is removed. Any changes made to a panel through customization are the responsibility of the ordering clinician 
  • If individual mtDNA genes are added to a panel instead of the entire mitochondrial genome, the noncoding region of the mitochondrial genome will not be included, and some deletions might not be detected 

For additional information, please refer to the Test performance section. 

  • CAP- and ISO-15189 accredited laboratory 
  • CLIA-certified personnel perform clinical testing in a CLIA-certified laboratory 
  • Powerful sequencing technologies, advanced target enrichment methods, and precision bioinformatics pipelines ensure superior analytical performance 
  • Our Nucleus online portal provides transparent and easy access to quality and performance data at the patient level 
  • ~2,000 non-coding disease-causing variants are covered by Blueprint, clinical grade NGS assay. Our rigorous variant classification is based on a modified ACMG variant classification scheme 
  • Our systematic clinical interpretation workflow uses proprietary software which enables accurate and traceable processing of the NGS data 
  • Our comprehensive clinical statements 


Contact us with any questions. Our client services team, comprised of client service representatives, genetic counseling assistants, and genetic counselors, are happy to assist you with your custom panel questions.