Ordering genetic testing during COVID-19

Blueprint Genetics is closely monitoring the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and its impact on the current health environment. Amidst the uncertainty, we know that COVID-19 does not remove the need to access high-quality genetic testing for patients. We are taking all measures to prepare for exceptional circumstances during this time to ensure we continue to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.

Order online and request a saliva kit to be sent directly to your patient’s home

To help prevent unnecessary visits to the clinic, our team is working hard to provide flexibility in this uncertain time. The fastest way to continue to order genetic testing is through our secure online portal Nucleus. The portal offers healthcare professionals online options for placing orders for genetic testing, following a test’s progress, and reviewing results.

We also want to highlight the option to request a saliva kit to be shipped directly to your patient’s home with instructions on how to submit a sample and pre-paid return shipping labels. Our kits have always included three layers of protection for the handlers of the package: the tube the sample is in, a biohazard bag, and the FedEx pouch. FedEx is taking the necessary precautions to protect their employees, see here for more detail: https://www.fedex.com/en-us/coronavirus.html

Once the sample is received in our laboratory, the testing will proceed as usual. Below you can find instructions for ordering and shipping samples.

You can count on us to contact you should any new information become available that would impact any part of our testing process. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team, your Genetic Services Consultant, or our Clinical Genetics Support team for further assistance.

Sample prioritization for patients in need of urgent results

We understand that a number of patients may require access to their results urgently and want to provide additional support in these cases. If you are ordering genetic testing where the results will impact immediate medical management (eg, treatment, interventions or a pregnancy), please inform our team and we will aim to expedite the analysis. Our team is working hard to ensure that critical samples are prioritized.

For example, sample prioritization is recommended for:
  • A patient or family member who is pregnant
  • A patient who is waiting for a bone marrow transplant or other time-sensitive procedure
  • A patient with suspected severe combined immunodeficiency or primary immunodeficiency

Further instructions for requesting prioritization can be found below. Currently, we provide prioritization at no extra fee. If you, have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Extension for receiving samples for 5 Free FVT service

To provide more flexibility, we have extended the time for receiving samples for our 5 Free FVT service during the COVID-19 period. As previously, the orders need to be placed within 100 days from report, but if you have challenges receiving all samples by that time, you can still send your samples after the 100 days by using the promotion code “BPG150FVT”. Samples can be sent within 150 days. The extension is available until the end of June or further notice. All other eligibility criteria will remain the same.

Read more about Familial Variant Testing and the eligibility criteria here.



Flexibility for customers with pending funding approvals

In case your region is no longer approving funding for testing, we can accept samples and hold them until you receive the required funding approval. This allows you to meet with your patients virtually or by phone and send us the patient samples to help minimize waitlists when your clinic begins seeing patients in person again.

How to order

You can access Nucleus online with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The portal is free for all users.

1. Log into Nucleus at Nucleus.BlueprintGenetics.com
  • If you are a new user, create an online account.
  • If you have used Nucleus previously, you are ready to go.
  • If you forget your password, you can reset it yourself or contact Customer Support for help.
2.  In Nucleus, choose ‘New Test’ in the top right corner and select your category to complete the digital requisition form
3. Follow the steps to complete your order and request a sample collection kit
  • In the first section of the form, you can select the ‘Order Specimen Kit’ to request a saliva kit to be sent directly to your patient’s home. Please note that sample requirements vary and for some patients, other sample types may be more suitable. Read more about our sample requirements here.
  • The kit includes detailed instructions for your patient on how to collect the sample, pack the kit, and ship it to our laboratory. It also includes a consent form for the patient to sign.
  • Any documents (like clinic notes) can be attached by you directly to the secure online order.
4. Access the test results by logging into your Nucleus account
  • Once we have received the sample from your patient, you can follow the test’s progress online.
  • You will receive an email notification regarding completed test results. The great majority of panels are reported out in 28 days.

Request for priority

Sample prioritization can be requested either via online portal Nucleus or our paper requisition form.

In Nucleus:
  • For Single genes, Panels and WES, please, mark the need for prioritization in the clinical history field “Other clinical features/relevant information for the geneticists” with the text “Priority testing requested”.
  • For Familial Variant Testing, please mark the need for prioritization in the clinical history field “Clinical features of the individual and other relevant information for the geneticists” with the text “Priority testing requested”.
On the paper requisition form:
  • Please mark the need for prioritization on the first page field: “Additional information” with the text “Priority testing requested”.
For Prenatal cases:
  • For prenatal cases, a preliminary report will be issued if data quality allows.
  • For prenatal samples, please note that we do not perform maternal cell contamination (MCC) studies. We therefore require that MCC studies be performed locally. MCC studies can be done prior to sending the prenatal sample to Blueprint Genetics or concurrently. Please indicate on the requisition that MCC is negative or is pending to ensure timely processing and testing of the fetal sample.

Frequently asked questions

Who can order a sample collection kit?

The specimen collection kit must be requested by a medical professional.  If you are a patient or family member of a patient, please contact your provider to place a kit order on your behalf.

Who do I contact if I need help with ordering?

Please get in touch with our Customer Support team if you have any questions about ordering. You can also ask us to contact you.

Is the sample failure rate higher if testing is performed with a saliva sample?

By following the sample collection instructions, the chance of DNA failing quality measures compared to DNA extracted from blood is minimal. In the unlikely event of sample failure, we will request a new sample to perform the analysis.

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Last modified: 04.27.2020