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Important information regarding online ordering

Effective October 30, 2021, we are adding more than 650 genes to 55 of our panels in 13 medical specialties to further enhance the clinical utility of our testing. We have carefully reviewed requests from our customers and the latest clinical findings to determine the genes included in this update. We always strive to provide the most clinically relevant and comprehensive genetic testing possible and hope that this update will further help provide actionable insights for you and your patients. 

All orders created and placed in Nucleus or received by paper requisition on, or after, October 30, 2021 will automatically receive the new panel content.

How will the update affect Saved FLEX Panels in Nucleus?

If you have saved a gene set in Nucleus, the base panel content will be updated on October 30, 2021 to include the latest gene additions. Any genes you have chosen to remove or add to the panel will remain as before the update.

To proceed with updated content:

  1. In Nucleus select ‘New Test’ in the top right-hand corner and go to the ‘My Saved FLEX Panels’ list
  2. If genes have been added to the base panel, the Saved FLEX Panel will have an ‘Update’ button next to it
  3. By clicking ‘Update’ a pop-up window will appear on your screen asking to accept the changes
  4. Once you have accepted the updated panel content, you will be able to view the included genes by selecting the panel and clicking ‘Order’

If you do not wish to include the updated content:

  1. Complete steps 1-4 listed above. Then scroll through the ‘Included genes’ section of the order and remove any genes by clicking them (the list of genes added to each of our panels can be viewed here)
  2. To save the gene set, scroll down and add a new name for the panel in the “Save selection as” field. Please note that if the field is left empty, the changes in the panel content will only appear in the order created and not as a Saved FLEX Panel
  3. Complete the order normally and the saved gene set will appear in your ‘My Saved Flex Panels’ list. If the previous Saved FLEX Panel with updated base panel content is no longer needed, please click ‘Delete’ next to the panel in your My Saved FLEX Panels list


Changes to the panel price tier

Please note that as the number of genes has increased, the panel tier may have changed. When creating a new order, you can check the panel tier in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can always remove genes from a panel to revert back to the previous tier.


Assistance with changes to Saved FLEX Panels

We are here to help. If you have any questions or would need further assistance with changes to your Saved FLEX Panels, please contact our Client Services team.

How will the update affect Draft orders in Nucleus?

If you have created an order in Nucleus and saved it as a ‘Draft’ before October 30, the panel content will not be automatically updated. To have the latest gene additions included in your order, please cancel your Draft order and place a new one on, or after, October 30.


Please find the full list of added genes and updated panels here. After the update, these will be flagged in Nucleus and our website so you can find them easily.

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Last modified: November 25, 2021