USA Pricing

Our pricing scheme is motivated by three principles: cost efficiency, convenience, and patient friendliness. We provide separate prices for NGS sequence analysis, Del/Dup tests, whole-genome Del/Dup (CNV) analysis and family member testing. We also have a pricing scheme for Plus-tests that combine both NGS sequence analysis panels and corresponding high-quality Del/Dup tests. 

For panel specific pricing choose a category below

Cardiology Dermatology Ear, nose & throat Endocrinology
Gastroenterology Hematology Hereditary cancer Immunology
Malformations Metabolic disorders Neurology Nephrology
Ophthalmology Pulmonology 


Our pricing of tests and extra services

Our test prices include sample kits, shipping and DNA extraction. To order kits please use a form that can be found at or contact our customer support:

Billing policy is a key part of our pricing philosophy and in US we provide a maximum out of pocket price that is very patient friendly. Details of our billing policy can be found here. For inquiries on self-pay possibility and pricing please get in touch with our Support team

NGS PANELS1-29 genes/panel30-99 genes/panel100+ genes/panel
NGS Panel (Sequence Analysis)$ 1 400$ 1 800$ 2 200
NGS Panel (Del/Dup Analysis)$ 1 000$ 1 000$ 1 100
Plus Panel (Sequence & Del/Dup Analysis)$ 1 900$ 2 200$ 2 500
Whole Genome Del/Dup (CNV)$ 1 200
Whole Exome SequencingComing soon
Sanger sequencing$ 500
Express Service$ 500