20 years of Cardiogenetics in the Netherlands

Blueprint Genetics will attend an international conference dedicated to 20 years of cardiogenetics on December 4th 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Worldwide the first multi-disciplinary outpatient clinic on cardiogenetics started 20 years ago in the Netherlands. Cardiologists, clinical geneticists, molecular geneticists, genetic counselors and psychosocial workers joined forces to take care of patients with cardiogenetic diseases and their relatives. This started with a handful of families and limited knowledge on genes involved. But identification of many cardiogenetic disease-causing genes facilitated cardiogenetic knowledge and patient care tremendously.

At this conference, an overview on the impact of genetics on inherited cardiac diseases and some future developments will be presented.

The organizing committee,
Prof. Dr. A.A.M. Wilde, cardiologist AMC
Dr. J.P. van Tintelen, clinical geneticist, AMC
Dr. K.Y. van Spaendonck-Zwarts, clinical geneticist, AMC


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