Association des Médecins Généticiens du Québec (AMGQ)

Blueprint Genetics’ Canadian team members Meena Mahey Kumar, CGC and Christine Davies, CGC will be attending the annual Association des Médecins Généticiens du Québec (AMGQ) on September 17th, 2018 in Montreal. The AMGQ is a local genetics conference that attracts genetics health care professionals in Quebec who are interested in current professional practices and advancements in their field. Medical Geneticists and Genetic counselors from all over the province are among the attendees.  This year, this highly informative one day symposium will focus on cardiovascular genetics in current practice. Read more about our cardiology offering here.

Visit Meena Mahey Kumar and Christine Davies to learn more about the latest advances happening at Blueprint Genetics at AMGQ 2018.

Meena Kumar

Meena Mahey Kumar, CGC

Christine Davies

Christine Davies, CGC

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