Canadian College of Medical Geneticists Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting

Blueprint Genetics will be attending the 2022 CCMG Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting June 6th – June 10th, 2022.

This year’s annual meeting will highlight the birth bicentennial of Gregor Johann Mendel. As a celebration to his seminal contributions to the field of genetics, the 2022 conference will have multidisciplinary symposia that reflect his impact on human genetics. We are excited to sponsor and take part this year’s event!

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Our posters

  • Non-coding Or Mitochondrial Dna Variants Are Causative For 1 In 20 Patients With Monogenic Diabetes
  • Diagnostic Utility Of Next-Generation Sequencing Panel Testing For Individuals With Suspected Congenital Hypothyroidism Or Resistance To Thyroid Hormone
  • Is NGS Panel Testing Useful For Patients With Congenital Heart Disease? A Review Of More Than 200 Cases
  • Next Generation Sequencing With Improvements For Sequencing And Alignment Challenges In Cystic Didney Disease

Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

Visit our Sponsor Showcase and fill out a contact card for a one-on-one meeting with either Allison Sluyters, MSc, CCGC or Christine Davies, MSc, CGC, CGC, to discuss Blueprint Genetics’ latest updates.


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