Congress of Czech Medical Geneticists Society

The National Congress of Medical Genetics and 48th Annual Cytogenetic Conference is a nationwide two-day conference, which brings together geneticists, clinicians, cytogeneticists and molecular geneticists and other experts from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We expect about 300 participants. The congress will take place at two different places (Vinařská 5 and Vinařská 6, Brno) located close together. In the hall Vinařská 5, there will be lectures – clinical genetics, cytogenetics and molecular diagnostics, prenatal diagnostics, oncogenetics. In the hall Vinařská 6, there will be symposium, workshop and discussion panel. We will send you a programme until 15th August.

Exhibits located in the center of all the activity, in the foyer of the hall Vinařská 5.

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