HRCGC 2020

The Hamilton Regional Clinical Genetics Conference (HRCGC) will be held on February 27th.

The HRCGC is a local genetics conference that attracts healthcare professionals interested in learning more about current discussions in the genetics space. Genetic counsellors from Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Mississauga, and Toronto are among the attendees. This highly informative one day symposium will include topics on neuromuscular disease, providing culturally competent care, newborn screening as well as a variety of others!

We now offer Mitochondrial DNA testing, which includes:

  • sequencing and high-resolution copy number variant analysis of the mitochondrial genome as a standalone test
  • over 30 panels updated with mitochondrial genome sequencing and CNV analysis
  • flexing the mitochondrial genome, or individual mitochondrial genes, onto any panel for no additional cost through our online ordering portal, Nucleus
  • high-quality test performance: 100% of base pairs covered at 1,000x, with a mean sequencing depth of 18,224x

> See our updated panels in Mitochondrial disorders

Look for us there or book a meeting beforehand with our representative, Christine Davies, MSc, CGC.


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