National Society of Genetic Counselors Conference 2021 (virtual)

Blueprint Genetics will be attending the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) 40th Annual Conference on 9/22/2021 – 9/26/2021 – a Virtual Experience.

The NSGC Annual Conference showcases advancements across the breadth of the genetic counseling profession to provide education and build community. Attendees will gain knowledge of clinical and scientific best practices and insights into emerging research. The conference provides a unique opportunity to engage and network with colleagues and pursue professional development.

Blueprint Genetics is proud to present our latest data in this field at the NSGC Annual Conference on 9/22/2021 – 9/26/2021.

Find the preliminary program from the NSGC 2021 website.

Our program:

Platform Presentation: Saturday, September 25 – 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

  • Increasing the diagnostic yield of panel-based testing: A retrospective review of mitochondrial genome analysis in over 6,600 patients 
    Presented by: Kaylee Faulkner, MS, CGC

Poster Presentations (all presented in the virtual poster hall and will be available to attendees until November 30, 2021)

  • Inherited bone marrow failure syndromes: Genetic testing for this growing field
    Presented by: Joe Jacher, MS, CGC
  • Diagnosis with Comprehensive Next-Generation Sequencing Genetic Testing for Primary Immunodeficiencies​
    Presented by: Alicia Scoccia, MS, CGC
  • Diagnosing Skeletal Dysplasia: A Retrospective Assessment of the Diagnostic Utility of Next Generation Sequencing 
    Presented by: Rachel Goldberg, MS, CGC
  • Next-Generation Sequencing Panels for Hereditary Hearing Loss Testing With Approaches for Difficult-to-Sequence Regions 
    Presented by: Halle Kevern, MS, GC

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