PMWC 2016

Blueprint Genetics is attending the Personalized Medicine World Conference. Co-hosted with Oracle, Stanford Health Care, and UCSF in Silicon Valley, PMWC 2016 Silicon Valley will gather close to 1200 multidisciplinary attendees and key stakeholders from the business, government, healthcare delivery, research and technology arenas to examine the advances and challenges of personalized medicine through a practical lens.

Chaired by visionary Dr. Atul Butte of UCSF, session themes include:

  • Liquid Biopsies
  • Large-scale Genomics Projects
  • Carrier Screening & Genetic Testing for Hereditary Disorders
  • Cancer Diagnostics
  • Patient Coverage
  • From Biomarkers to Clinical Diagnostics
  • The Role of Practicing Pathologists in Personalized Medicine
  • Genomics Informed Personalized Immunotherapy
  • Data-Driven Rx & Dx



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