The 6th Medical Genetics Congress in Craiova

Blueprint Genetics will be attending the 6th Medical Genetics Congress in Craiova

This meeting will takes place on September 22–25, 2022 in Craiova, Romania. The event offers insight into the exciting advancements in the field of human genetics, bringing together clinicians and scientists to discuss the latest research and clinical advances.

Our program

Symposium on Friday 23, at 16:00-16:30pm: 

All tests are not created equal: how to choose the right NGS test for the right result. Presented by: Kirsty Wells, PhD, Senior Geneticist at Blueprint Genetics

Interested to learn more?

Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

Sales Director Murat Topal and our Senior Geneticist Kirsty Wells, PhD, will be available to discuss all the latest updates from Blueprint Genetics!


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