The Annual Meeting of the Polish Cardiac Society

Blueprint Genetics will be attending the Annual Meeting of the Polish Cardiac Society on June 4–5, 2021.

The Polish Cardiac Society hosts an annual education conference that provides a venue for genetic counselors to discuss current topics in the field of hereditary cardiological diseases. Read more on the event page

Our Talk:

Saturday, June 5 – 10:35-10:50 AM CEST

  • Where are we – the role of genetic testing in the diagnosis of channelopathies- Gdzie jesteśmy – rola badań genetycznych w diagnostyce kanałopatii, presented by Justyna Ulańska-Poutanen, PhD
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Our team looks forward to meeting you!

Justyna Ulańska-Poutanen, PhD, is available to meet and discuss Blueprint Genetics’ latest updates at this meeting.

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