Big news for Blueprint Genetics at the 2015 Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting

March 24, 2015

The 2015 Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting (ACMG) marks an important milestone for us at Blueprint Genetics, one of the leading laboratories in cardiovascular genetics. At this meeting we’re excited to announce our new and improved service model, plus our upcoming sales launch in the US.

We’re opening new facilities in the US to provide local customer support and simplify sales and sample shipments in North America. Our teams in the US and Finland are fully dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with an unprecedented new standard in genetic diagnostics of hereditary cardiovascular diseases. The new service model we’re bringing to the North American market and other regions outside Europe includes sample collection kits, shipment, and DNA isolation. Our standard 21-day turnaround time and competitive pricing will remain the same.

Through our unique combination of technological innovations, a rigorous validation processes, and the analysis of thousands of patients with hereditary cardiovascular diseases, we’ve been able to cut both the cost and turnaround time of high-quality genetic analysis and interpretation. For high-priority cases, we can offer a comprehensive genetic analysis with a quick turnaround of just 10 days from sample arrival.

In addition, we’ll launch the VUS Clarification service, which offers free family-member testing for selected families who fulfill the necessary criteria. This new service is part of our strong commitment to develop the field of genetics and establish information that will not only help our customers and their patients, but also other patients throughout the world. Blueprint Genetics also shares variant information in public databases such as ClinVar ( and emphasizes the role of transparency in genetic analysis. Rest assured, we value individual privacy and this information is completely anonymous and unconnected to any patient information.

We’re one of the exhibitors and sponsors of this year’s ACMG in Salt Lake City, and we’re looking forward to meeting you! Stop by our booth (no. 835) to learn more about our services, genetic interpretation, and sequencing technology solutions. And if you can’t make it to ACMG, feel free to get in touch by email at

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