New buccal swabs for easier sample collection available from November 23, 2020

November 9, 2020

From November 23, 2020, new ORACollectDNA® OCR-100/OCD-100 buccal swabs will be available for healthcare providers to order through our website or online portal, Nucleus. This new specimen collection kit addresses the need for more accessible sample collection, especially for pediatric patients or when collecting sufficient sample volume with a traditional saliva kit is otherwise challenging.

We also offer the option of delivering kits directly to patients’ homes. ORACollectDNA OCR-100/OCD-100 enables quick and reliable self-collection of DNA. The Blueprint Genetics kit includes detailed instructions on safe sample collection, packaging materials, and pre-paid shipment back to our laboratory.

The ORACollectDNA® OCR-100/OCD-100 kit replaces the OrageneDx® OGD-500 saliva sample kit currently offered by Blueprint Genetics. Saliva collected with OrageneDx DNA OG-500/OGD-500, OG-575/OGD-575 or OG-510/OGD-510 kits will remain as an accepted sample type, but these kits will no longer be available for ordering through the Blueprint Genetics webiste or Nucleus portal.

Read more about our sample requirements here.

How to order a buccal swab kit 

  1. Log into Nucleus at or order a kit through our website 
  2. In Nucleus, choose ‘New Test’ in the top right corner and select your category to complete the digital requisition form 
  3. Follow the steps to complete your order and request a buccal swab kit 
    • On the first page of the order, make sure to select saliva as the sample type
    • Select ‘Order Specimen Kit’ 
    • To request a sample collection kit to be sent directly to your patient’s home, please select ´Deliver kit to patient´ 
    • Fill in the number of kits desired and proceed to fill in the rest of the order 

How samples are collected

With the new buccal kit, a saliva sample is collected using a noninvasive and painless method. The patient uses the sponge tip of the collector to rub along the lower gums, after which it is placed in a capped collection tube. The collector’s reagent is bacteriostatic and will inhibit the growth of bacteria from the time of sample collection to processing in our laboratory. The buccal swab kits are also suitable for patients who are unable to spit.

Please note that when using the ORACollectDNA OCR-100/OCD-100 device, the sample type collected is saliva. More information about ORACollectDNA OCR-100 is available here and ORACollectDNA OCD-100 here (for United States and Canada).

We are here to help

If you have any questions regarding sample collection, please don’t hesitate to contact our Client Services team.

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