Get peer support for working with rare phenotypes through our Connecting Clinicians network

February 23, 2017

We are happy to introduce our new networking platform Connecting Clinicians which offers a unique possibility for clinicians globally to get connected based on identically matching variants. With this we want to contribute to the rare disease diagnostics and research by connecting clinicians treating patients with the same rare genetic conditions to share knowledge and phenotypes.


How does it work?

Connecting Clinicians is a new feature in our online ordering portal Nucleus that also offers the possibility to place orders for genetic testing, follow progress and read results. After submitting an order and receiving the results, a connection is suggested when there are 2 identical variants classified as a VUS (Variants of uncertain significance) or Likely Pathogenic. This is how easy it is:

1. A match is made directly when the test results of your patient are ready and there is matching case waiting

2. You will be notified of the pending connection

3. You can now choose to either connect or ignore the suggested connection

4. If both physicians choose to connect, you will gain access to each others’ contact information


Connecting Clinicians Blueprint Genetics
Nucleus – Easy ordering & networking platform for clinicians

With this service we want to provide you with the possibility to connect according to own preferences, to share knowledge and phenotypes to better serve your patients with rare inherited diseases. No patient information is ever revealed.

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