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Patients are responsible for copays, coinsurance, and any unmet deductible as determined by their insurance provider. This is part of the benefits investigation process. 

Many patients and families experience economic challenges associated with their medical care. In certain situations, patients may qualify for a reduction in their out-of-pocket expense. Eligibility for our Financial Assistance Program (FAP) is based on household income and household size, with financial assistance for families earning up to 600% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. More information on the Financial Assistance Program can be found here. 

Content last modified: 14 July 2022

Blueprint Genetics is committed to making genetic testing accessible and affordable to patients. We work with most commercial insurance payers and communicate with you to outline the various options. 

When we receive your healthcare provider’s test order and/or your sample at Blueprint Genetics, we work with you and your healthcare provider to outline the medical billing process. Our team of billing specialists will conduct a benefits investigation and reach out to you about your potential out-of-pocket cost, our Financial Assistance Program, and/or a flexible payment plan. 

Financial Assistance Program 

Blueprint Genetics has a generous Financial Assistance Program that can reduce a patient’s financial responsibility based on income level and household size. The program provides tailored financial solutions based on published federal household income guidelines to any insured or uninsured patient who qualifies financially. More information on the Financial Assistance Program can be found here.


Content last modified: 14 July 2022

Bank transfers, credit cards, or checks are all accepted forms of payment. For further information: Read our Billing and Insurance FAQ for more information or contact our Billing team at 1.650.452.9340 ext 1 with any questions about our payment options. 

Content last modified: 9 April 2024

Credit cards and bank transfers are accepted forms of payment.  

You will receive an email with a protected payment link to be used to pay with a credit card. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, you can find a regular invoice attached in the email. 

Content last modified: 9 April 2024