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We provide superior genetic diagnostics and clinical interpretation for hereditary diseases. Developed at Stanford University, our unique targeted sequencing method enables exceptional quality, lead time and cost efficiency.

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Gapless panels fully cover target genes.

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Genetic diagnostics with unbeatable turn-around time.



New technology and innovations allow un-heard of cost-efficiency. Prices starting at 1700$

  • Come meet us this spring at HRS, AEPC and ESHG

    We are continuously participating in events around the world. Come meet us at the following conferences during spring and summer 2015. More details about our participation, booth number etc. are also found on our Facebook page.    HRS – Heart Rhythm 2015 36th Annual Scientific Sessions May 13-16, 2015, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Read more … Continued

  • Exceptional findings with OS-Seq in an arrhythmia patient

    Sequencing of channelopathy genes with the BpG Arrhythmia Panel revealed a de novo mutation in the CACNA1C gene in an adolescent with ventricular fibrillation but normal development, consequently not only expanding the phenotype of Timothy Syndrome Type 2 but also demonstrating the power of large gene panels. The standard has been to select specific gene tests for patients with established clinical diagnoses, however the sometimes even … Continued

  • Customer Support Associate position at San Francisco office

    Join us we're hiring long

    We are now building the US operations and the team to expand our services in North America. We are looking for an intelligent, organized, creative, social, proactive, well-written person to fill our Customer Support Associate position. Read more in the attached job description.

    Interested? Send your resume and cover letter to: Our goal is to fill this position during April-May 2015.

  • Meet Sampo, our newest sequencing machine

    We have a tradition of naming our sequencing machines after famous robots. Our latest system is called Sampo. In the Finnish national epoch compiled by Elias Lönnrot, Kalevala, Sampo is described as a refiner engine that brought prosperity to its owner. Pretty witty, huh? Currently, we are using Illumina’s MiSeqs for diagnostic gene panels and …Sampo, Pertteli, Massimiliano

  • Big news for Blueprint Genetics at the 2015 Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting

    The 2015 Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting (ACMG) marks an important milestone for us at Blueprint Genetics, one of the leading laboratories in cardiovascular genetics. At this meeting we’re excited to announce our new and improved service model, plus our upcoming sales launch in the US. We’re opening new facilities in the US to provide local customer … Continued

  • VUS Clarification Service

    Blueprint Genetics is dedicated to advance and improve the field of genetic diagnostics. In addition to our philosophy of transparency and public variant sharing in ClinVar, we offer now a Variant of Uncertain Significance (VUS) Clarification Service. This is a free follow-up testing program for family members of patients previously diagnosed at Blueprint Genetics. The … Continued

  • Meet the team

    We are a team of cardiologists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and DNA biologists providing comprehensive and high quality genetic diagnostics.

    Kaisa Manninen

  • Our diagnostics technology and process

    Technology Blueprint Genetics is applying a powerful molecular biology approach called next-generation sequencing to analyze patients’ DNA. Changes in DNA sequence can cause errors in proteins and result in severe medical conditions. Hereditary diseases are caused by mutations originating in germ cells and presenting in all cells of an individual.. Determining the underlying DNA changes … Continued

  • One of the 20 most promising start-ups in Finland 2015

    Finnish business magazine Talouselämä has released its take on the 20 most promising start-ups in Finland. Blueprint Genetics is one of the companies! Read more… (Order Talouselämä or try ’Summa’ one month for free to read the full story.)    

” Developed at Stanford University, our unique targeted sequencing method enables exceptional quality, lead time and cost efficiency. “

Samuel Myllykangas, PhD

Chief Technology Officer