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Content last modified: 15 January 2024

Sending samples by using the Specimen kit

Follow the orders and use the packing materials provided in the kit.

Sending samples without the Specimen collection kit

How should samples be collected, labeled and stored before shipping?


  • Blood should be collected in an EDTA tube (lavender top) designated for blood samples.
  • The tube should be labeled with the patient’s name, date of birth and date of sample collection.
  • The blood tube should be labeled with “infectious” if the sample is known to contain infectious material, for example, Hepatitis B-, Hepatitis C- or HI-virus.
  • The blood sample should be sent as soon as possible after it has been collected. The sample can be sent at room temperature. We recommend using transport tubes in accordance with IATA regulations 650.
  • If it is necessary to store the sample prior to shipping, it should be refrigerated immediately.
  • If the patient has received an allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant, blood is not accepted. DNA extracted from a non-hematopoietic tissue is acceptable.
  • Hemolyzed or clotted blood samples will not be accepted.

Extracted DNA

  • DNA should be extracted or isolated in laboratory qualified with one or more of the following: CLIA certification, CAP accreditation, accreditation equivalency as determined by CMS, accreditations and certifications from established international organizations and/or government agencies.
  • The sample tube should be labeled with the patient’s name, date of birth, DNA concentration and volume. Ideally, a 1.5 mL snap-cap microcentrifuge tube sealed with parafilm should be used.
  • The sample can be sent at room temperature. We recommend using transport tubes in accordance with IATA regulations 650.
  • DNA samples should be sent in TE buffer or equivalent, or in any standard elution buffer used for DNA isolation.
  • DNA quality and quantity will be evaluated upon arrival at Blueprint Genetics. We will request a new sample if the DNA quality or quantity does not meet our standards for analysis.


  • Saliva samples must be collected in the tube provided in our Saliva Sample Collection kit.
  • The sample tube must be labeled with the patient’s name, date of birth and date of sample collection.
  • Instructions are provided in the kit and can be found on the manufacturer’s website in multiple languages. Please follow the manufacturer’s collection instructions carefully (DNA Genotek > Collection Instructions).
  • The sample can be stored and sent at room temperature.
  • Samples collected improperly (eg, sample is mainly mucus not saliva) or without proper labeling will not be accepted.
Content last modified: 23 February 2024

  • Our Specimen Collection Kits contain all shipping materials in addition to prepaid return shipping paid by Blueprint Genetics.
  • If you prefer, you can use your own test tubes and shipment method.
  • If you are unsure about the sample collection and shipping, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support at support@blueprintgenetics.com.
Content last modified: 14 July 2022

  • Blood samples collected on a Friday evening or over a weekend should be kept in the refrigerator and shipped on the next business day for overnight delivery. Keeping the specimen refrigerated over the weekend will not compromise the quality of the specimen.
  • Blood, DNA and saliva samples can be sent in ambient temperature.

  • Express shipping should be used for blood and DNA samples.
  • Content last modified: 18 March 2024

    By request, samples can be returned to customers after testing has been completed as long as the entire sample was not used in our analysis. Samples are only returned once our testing is complete.  The sample types that will be returned may be extracted DNA, blood, or saliva.

    Blueprint Genetics stores DNA samples for 1 year from the time of receipt of samples unless the patient has consented to long-term storage. All blood and saliva samples are disposed after 3 months. Please see storage options on our consent form here.

    If a sample is returned to you, please note that we will require a new sample from the patient should you wish to pursue additional testing eg, with WES analysis.


    1. A completed Sample shipment form. Please contact our customer support (support@blueprintgenetics.com) for more information.
    2. A FedEx shipping account number


    1. If you do not have a FedEx shipping account number, we will return the sample for a fee.

    Please note that samples are not shipped until payment is received.


    Content last modified: 14 July 2022