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Apr 15, 2021

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Sohrab Saraei is convinced that anything can be done “if only you want it enough and work hard for it.” Sohrab joined Blueprint Genetics in 2019 and constantly works hard to keep up with the ever-moving waters of bioinformatics.

As a Bioinformatics Software Developer in the Research & Development team, Sohrab operates at the cutting edge of science and technology. In a field where progress is constant and technology develops at a high speed, R&D requires learning and evolving along with the latest technology: “Working and learning—that’s exactly what we do.”

Sohrab adores the blending of science and technology in bioinformatics, an amazing field he fell for little by little. It all started with his love for computers at an early age when he was convinced that he could “do something cool with it.”

Diving deep into computer engineering during his bachelor’s studies, Sohrab’s fascination gravitated towards machine learning and neural networks. “Witnessing how computational neuroscience is employed to unravel the complexity of the human brain instantly inspired me to think of its applications in other complex biological problems. That is why I pursued a master’s degree in bioinformatics.” Now working in the bioinformatics R&D group of Blueprint Genetics, he is developing a clinical pipeline dubbed “Blueflow”.

Sohrab takes pride in creating the best processes for genomic data analysis to provide geneticists with accurate statistical insights. These are invaluable for clinicians who help patients with complex disorders. “The best part of my job is that I play an active role in a process that helps those with significant healthcare needs,” Sohrab says.

At Blueprint Genetics, achievements of all sizes are acknowledged: the company’s supportive culture impressed Sohrab from day one. “It is all about who you can become professionally, and supporting each other in getting there,” he says. “There are plenty of chances to share knowledge between teams, and we often critically evaluate our work to grow as a team. If you are dedicated, accurate, and ready to work for a meaningful cause with a bunch of professional and fun people, you are set to go.”

The workload of the team occasionally gets heavy, and therefore a pair of helping hands and a fresh perspective is always welcome. Sohrab feels that working in an atmosphere that embraces collaboration and mutual learning is a unique experience. “Everyone deserves that feeling.”

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Text: Nina Laurinkari
Photo: Anton Sucksdorff

Last modified: April 16, 2021